Stenon has partnered with Eurasia Group AG to promote digitalisation in agriculture in Kazakhstan region

Potsdam, Germany, May 31, 2023 – Stenon Gmbh and Eurasia Group AG have partnered to promote digitalization in agriculture in Kazakhstan region. The alliance offers farming businesses in Kazakhstan the advanced solution for optimizing the fertilizer input by getting instant access to soil data.

Stenon GmbH, the innovator in agriculture technology, focuses on the soil data solutions, supplementing the digital ecosystem at the farm level. Its mobile soil analysis device, FarmLab, enables agricultural businesses all over the world to make data-driven decisions and to optimize their fertilizer application in real time, increasing efficiency and contributing to yield quality as a result.

Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP, the Kazakhstan representative of the Swiss company Eurasia Group AG, has been the official John Deere distributor in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan since 2002.

The company supplies the world market with agricultural solutions from leading producers such as JCB, Väderstad, GRIMME, and Lindsay, covering all crop and vegetable sectors.

Throughout its activities, Eurasia Group Kazakhstan pays great attention to precision farming technologies by enhancing the product line with digital agricultural solutions.

“Eurasia has the knowledge to empower their customers with  Stenon’s technology to create higher yield and to optimize the inputs. Together we will build a new strong alliance for the central Asian market. I’m very proud that Eurasia and Stenon are undertaking this partnership,” comments Niels Grabbert, CEO of Stenon GmbH

“The Stenon’s FarmLab is the great alternative to conducting the laboratory soil analysis, which is currently the most common practice. The advantages of this mobile soil analysis device are obvious: firstly, it’s the ability to make more efficient cultivation decisions based on real-time data. This is especially important considering the region’s climate conditions and increasing prices on fertilizers and plant protection products. Moreover, by using this device farmers are becoming less dependent on laboratories, as they are able to conduct soil analysis on demand. Being the leader in agricultural solutions and services we are constantly working on extending our product line not only for the machinery but also for the digital solutions. As digitalisation contributes to cost reduction and increase of profitability, the focus on such solutions supports our company’s mission “We will feed the world,” comments Evgeny Chesnokov, the Head of Agro-management department of Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP.

“Kazakhstan is an important agricultural country with over 23 million hectares. In order to be able to serve this and gain market access, having a dedicated partner such as Eurasia is invaluable. The way their ecosystem is set up and their drive to digitalise the agricultural world is impressive.”, says Kim ten Wolde, Business Development lead at Stenon, “Soil data is a missing piece of the puzzle, especially when it comes to nitrogen measurements. Having the ability to get this data in real-time will enable Eurasia to optimize their customers’ fertilizer inputs and optimize yield and efficiency. Our partnership with Eurasia will be the starting point for making a significant impact on increasing the sustainability of agricultural practices in Kazakhstan,” added Kim ten Wolde, Business Development Lead at Stenon.

“Why Stenon? We are sharing the same principles of operation, focusing on technology and digitization of agriculture. Additionally, its product is DLG-recognised, and is cost-effective and user-friendly, compared to other analogs on the market. The level of measurement accuracy, that we obtained during our tests has indicated that Stenon will be the best solution for our farmers,” added Evgeny Chesnokov.

About Stenon

Since its founding in 2018, Stenon Gmbh, based in Potsdam, Germany, has become the global market leader in real-time digital soil data that is completely independent from laboratories. With its sensor- and cloud-based mobile measuring device FarmLab, Stenon provides growers with essential data to make optimal and sustainable cultivation decisions, boosting yield, crop quality, and soil health while saving money on inputs

About Eurasia Group AG

The Swiss company Eurasia Group AG is the national distributor of the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery John Deere, as well as Väderstad, JCB, Grimme, Lindsay in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is the largest supplier of integrated solutions for agriculture in the country. The representative of the company Eurasia Group AG in Kazakhstan is Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

About Eurasia Group Kazakhstan

Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP has a wide regional distribution network: 14 regional offices in Kazakhstan and 1 in Kyrgyzstan.

Having its own agro-management and digitalisation departments, the company comprises over 500 employees, half of which are providing after-sales services. Over the years of work in Kazakhstan, more than 13 000 units of equipment were delivered, and 4,4 million hectares have been digitized.