Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – August 2023

We are delighted to be back after the long break and have some exciting news to share with you. Over the past few months, we have been focused on expanding the reach of our innovative soil analysis solution to new parts of the world. We are thrilled to announce that our services are now available in the Kazakhstan market through our trusted partner, Eurasia Group AG. Additionally, we are diligently working with our partner Lavoro to be fully operational in the Brazilian market.

Stenon is going global, and so is our series of articles with news for agriculture experts. The updated version will bring you the latest Stenon news, product updates, insights from our partners, and of course, interesting reading tips.

Stay tuned and enjoy the read!

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Meet Stenon at World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in London

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Stenon is attending the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on 26th-27th September 2023 in London

Moreover, Niels Grabbert, CEO of Stenon GmbH will lead the session, „Soil Insights“. The session promises to be a transformative experience, where Niels Grabbert will share his deep industry knowledge and vision for the future of sustainable agriculture. His expertise in soil health and advanced soil analysis technology has been pivotal in shaping Stenon’s revolutionary contributions to the agricultural landscape.

Join us at World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, and together, let’s forge a path towards a more resilient and prosperous future for agriculture.

We look forward to connecting with industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts at the summit. Let’s collaborate and build a more sustainable world!

How can agronomists and farmers in Kazakhstan benefit from FarmLab?

The video from Eurasia project „Agrar School“ gives a short overview of Stenon’s FarmLab, it’s main functionalities and advantages

Recently, the CEO of Stenon, Niels Grabbert, visited the 2nd Digital Forum hosted by Eurasia Group KAZ, where he delivered an insightful talk about the importance of nutrient data for making smart cultivation decisions. Thanks to the partnership between Stenon and Eurasia Group AG, agronomists and growers from the Kazakhstan region will now have access to an advanced solution that optimizes fertilizer input by providing instant access to soil data.

To learn more about the advantages of Stenon technology, customized specifically for the Kazakhstan market, you can watch this informative video prepared by Eurasia for their project „Agrar School“. Please note that the video is available only in Russian.

Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our August Reading Tips we offer the overview of articles with interesting insights from Germany, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

In this German article from it is discussed about the agricultural industry’s fertilizer dilemma. The article highlights that it may not be as problematic as initially perceived. It explores alternative perspectives on fertilizers‘ environmental impact, challenging conventional assumptions and providing insights into sustainable farming practices. 

By the way, one way of saving on fertiliser inputs is conducting regular soil analysis. For example, Stenon’s real-time soil analysis technology helped agronomists and farming businesses save up to 20% on N-fertilisers.

In the latest article from MDPI’s Journal of Land you can explore the critical role of soil analysis in advancing sustainable urban development, with a special focus on Kazakhstan. This research sheds light on the significance of understanding soil quality and its impact on green infrastructure integration, offering valuable insights for fostering resilient and eco-friendly urban environments in Kazakhstan and beyond.

This article is a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-knowledge and advances in the sugarcane sector in Brazil. It explores the major environmental impacts of expanding sugarcane plantations, including land use changes and competition with food production. The findings indicate that sugarcane plantation expansion did not lead to direct deforestation, and its growth on degraded pastures actually reduced land competition between food and sugarcane crops. However, challenges like soil compaction and emissions of nitrous oxide need to be addressed through best management practices to further enhance the environmental benefits of sugarcane ethanol production and ensure greater sustainability.

About Stenon

Since its founding in 2018, Stenon Gmbh, based in Potsdam, Germany, has become the global market leader in real-time digital soil data that is especially beneficial for agronomists. With its sensor- and cloud-based mobile measuring device FarmLab, Stenon provides agriculture businesses with essential data to make optimal and sustainable cultivation decisions, boost yield, crop quality and soil health while saving money on inputs.

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