Stenon GmbH and Lavoro Agro Join Forces to Revolutionize Agriculture in Brazil

Potsdam, Germany, August 16, 2023 – Stenon GmbH, a leading provider of cutting-edge agricultural technologies, and Lavoro Agro, the first Latin American agricultural inputs retailer to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to redefine the agricultural landscape by combining Stenon’s advanced soil nutrient measurement solution with Lavoro’s broad access and expertise in the Brazilian market, enabling farmers to optimize crop nutrition and soil management decisions. 

The FarmLab, Stenon’s innovative soil analysis solution, helps farmers optimize N-fertilizer input and maximize crop yields while saving up to 20% of input costs. 

Stenon’s commitment to delivering excellence and driving sustainable practices has garnered great interest across various regions in Europe, Asia (powered by partnership) and now Latin America.

Lavoro Agro is a  leader in distribution of agricultural inputs, serving more than 72,000 customers in Latin America. Lavoro is currently expanding its agronomical services capabilities to help customers adopt cutting-edge technologies  to increase productivity, cost efficiency and sustainability.

By combining their respective expertise and technologies, Stenon GmbH and Lavoro Agro seek to unlock new possibilities in the agricultural sector. 

„We are excited to partner with Lavoro Agro in our mission to revolutionize the agricultural industry,“ said Niels Grabbert, CEO at Stenon GmbH. „By combining our innovative technologies and Lavoro’s exceptional expertise in Brazil, we aim to empower farmers with the solutions they need to enhance productivity, improve sustainability, and maximize their profits.“

„Lavoro brings to Brazil the Farmlab technology from the German company Stenon. Through a simple, real-time measurement our customers will have access to soil data that is critical for more assertive nutrition decisions in the farm,“ said Ruy Cunha, CEO at Lavoro.

The partnership will enable farmers initially in the state of Parana in Brazil to harness the power of agriculture technology and ultimately help improve global food security and sustainability. 

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About Stenon

Since its founding in 2018, Stenon Gmbh, based in Potsdam, Germany, has become the global market leader in real-time digital soil data that is completely independent from laboratories. With its sensor- and cloud-based mobile measuring device FarmLab, Stenon provides growers with essential data to make optimal and sustainable cultivation decisions, boost yields, crop quality, and soil health while saving money on inputs.

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About Lavoro Agro

Lavoro is Brazil’s largest agricultural inputs retailer and the first in Latin America to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the “LVRO” and “LVROW” tickers. Through a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, the company empowers farmers to adopt breakthrough technology and boost productivity. Founded in 2017, Lavoro has a broad geographical presence, operating in Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, serving about 72,000 customers, through its physical presence, in more than 210 stores distributed in Latin America and with a team of over 1,000 technical sales consultants, and digital, with its marketplace.

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