Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – September 2023

Autumn is a busy time for agriculture industry, but if you have a free minute we are excited to share with you the latest Stenon news. In our recent blog article with tips for agriculture experts we have covered a range of interesting topics: our groundbreaking collaboration with Lavoro Agro to enhance Brazilian agriculture,  the successful accomplishment of the calibration campaign in Sao Paulo and Parana, our impactful partnership in Kazakhstan with Eurasia Group Kazakhstan. Additionally, we’ve curated informative articles on topics ranging from nitrogen management in corn production to the role of precision agriculture in maximizing yields sustainably.

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Stenon has partnered with Lavoro Agro to revolutionize Brazilian agriculture

Exciting news! Stenon and Lavoro Agro are teaming up to revolutionize Brazilian agriculture. By combining Stenon’s cutting-edge soil nutrient solution with Lavoro’s market expertise, we’re empowering agriculture businesses to maximize yields while cutting costs on N-fertilizers.

The partnership will enable farmers initially in the state of Parana in Brazil to harness the power of agriculture technology and ultimately help improve global food security and sustainability.

Read the full announcement on our blog!

Updates from Stenon’s calibration campaign in Brazil

As Stenon’s calibration campaign has been accomplished, now agronomists and growers in Parana and Sao Paulo can benefit from our real-time soil analysis solution

We are very excited to announce that our calibration campaign for São Paulo and Paraná regions of Brazil has been completed.

The core of Stenon’s technology is data accuracy, and before we enter into any new market, we run a thorough calibration process in each region to ensure that accuracy. For instance, during our calibration project in São Paulo and Paraná regions of Brazil, we took over 6000 measurements with the FarmLab of Stenon. We also obtained several thousands of soil samples and sent them to different laboratories in Brazil as well as in Germany.

Only after our data science department analyzed the results and confirmed the data matched we began our operation. We look forward to starting providing agronomists and growers with our innovative technology in São Paulo and Paraná regions of Brazil.

Notes made in the fields by our partner Eurasia Group Kazakhstan

Insightful video reports about real-time user cases of Stenon’s FarmLab

Our partner in Kazakhstan, Eurasia Group Kazakhstan, produces a captivating video series called „Notes Made in the Fields.“ In these videos agronomists and the Eurasia team visit various fields in Kazakhstan. With the assistance of Stenon’s FarmLab, they investigate in real-time the factors influencing differences in yield production and other crop or soil specific characteristics. Explore these highly informative real-time FarmLab use cases here and herePlease note that the videos are only available in Russian language.

Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our September Reading Tips we offer the overview of articles with interesting insights from Germany, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

This insightful Brazilian article unveils the importance of nitrogen in corn production and covers the main sources of nitrogen, as well as the proper timing and amount of application. Did you know that having real-time information about plant available nitrogen content in your soil could allow you to adjust your fertilizer plan effectively while achieving the same yield?

That’s why Stenon’s real-time soil analysis solution is highly beneficial for corn producers in Brazil. Now that our calibration campaign is complete, we’re excited to begin assisting agricultural businesses in São Paulo and Paraná (in cooperation with our partner, Lavoro) in optimizing their nitrogen fertilizer inputs. Contact us for more details.

In this insightful abstract from the journal „3i: intellect, idea, innovation – интеллект, идея, инновация“ it is discussed how precision agriculture methods help businesses maximize their yield while improving sustainability. The article covers the findings of the research program conducted in the North of Kazakhstan and reveals the success of precision farming, as evidenced by numbers. Read the full article in Russian here.

This German article discusses the adjustments made to Germany’s fertilizer regulations in response to nitrate contamination concerns. The updated regulations include measures for red zones, where nitrate levels are high. The regulations involve reducing nitrogen fertilization, adhering to specific rules for organic fertilizer application, and employing additional practices to optimize nutrient supply.

About Stenon

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