Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – January-February 2024

Stenon is back with the monthly news for agriculture experts! We hope you enjoyed the holiday break and now are full of plans. Great to be on your side and support your operations with our technology and insightful material about agriculture. We are excited to start 2024 with sharing Stenon’s performance numbers, latest case-studies and customer testimonials and interesting articles about best practices in agriculture.

Stay tuned and enjoy the read!

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Stenon’s performance at a glance

Stenon was founded in 2018 in Germany, Potsdam. Since its founding, the company has undergone an incredible transformation: we successfully obtained Series-A investment, expanded our markets, and continuously worked on product enhancement so that our innovative real-time soil analysis solution can meet the needs and expectations of our valued users considering the regional specifics of their operations. In 2021 our product was fully ready for the DACH market and in 2023 we successfully internationalized our operation. We are thrilled to share with you our main achievements from 2021 to 2023:

Total measurements made by customers in DACH region: over 140 000

Total measurements made by customers worldwide: over 300 000

Coverage in hectares (Ha): 236 164

Readout speed: increased by 200%

Data processing speed: increased by 20%


✅ FARMLAB is 220% faster

If you haven’t had a chance to try our real-time soil analysis solution that helps optimize fertilizer application while securing yield production, contact us to learn more.

Stenon’s case-study for Brazilian corn growers

Tips for corn growers on how to increase savings on N-fertilizer inputs.

How can corn growers in Brazil cut down costs on fertilizers while keeping their yields‘ size and quality the same? Stenon’s partner from Lavoro Agro (Guarapuava), Fabio Dibas, knows the tips. Lavoro has been helping growers in that region for years improve their production, and now, finally, with the help of Stenon’s innovative soil analysis technology, FarmLab, Lavoro’s experts can enhance their services and provide corn growers with accurate recommendations on N-fertilizer.

Stenon’s studies have proven that the growers can save up to 20% on N fertilizer while achieving the same yield. Watch the full success story video to learn more about the benefits of Stenon’s real-time soil analysis solution for corn growers. Or contact us to learn more.


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What our customers in Kazakhstan are saying

Chief Agricultural Officer of a farm in the Aktobe region shares his experience with Stenon’s FarmLab

What speaks volumes about our technology is the feedback from our users. Working internationally, we ensure that our solution can meet all the needs of local agricultural businesses, as each region has different climate conditions and target crops. Our partners in Kazakhstan, Eurasia Group AG, recently visited the Chief Agricultural Officer of a farm in the Aktobe region, who shared his experience of using Stenon’s FarmLab. Watch the full video with the feedback here, but please note that the video is available only in the Russian language.

Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our Reading Tips we offer the overview of articles with interesting insights about different nitrogen sources for corn production, the uptake of nitrogen for sugarcane and a short overview of the general N-cycle.

As nitrogen is very important for corn production, growers continuously face the challenge of finding the right balance between fertilizer costs and desired yield. However, knowledge of nitrogen sources (fertilizer, manure, soil organic matter, crop residues, etc.) and an understanding of how corn grows and how much nitrogen is taken up in each of the growth stages can help growers and agronomists make sound nitrogen management decisions. In this article from Cornell University, the authors reveal these insights. Corn producers can especially benefit from Stenon’s FarmLab, as our soil analysis solution can provide them with data on plant-available nitrogen and soil organic matter at any given crop stage. Contact us to learn more about it..

Another interesting study we would like to share is dedicated to the uptake of nitrogen for sugarcane. One of the findings of that study is that long-term nitrogen fertilization potentially affects how soil processes nitrogen and can lead to the reduction of the nitrogen fertilizer impact. That’s why lots of growers and agricultural experts have had such a positive experience using Stenon’s FarmLab, as it helped them reduce fertilizer application in some cases by 20%.

One of the advantages of Stenon’s FarmLab is that users can conduct soil analysis at any given time. Depending on the crop, cycle, and climate conditions, agriculture businesses can obtain the most accurate data on plant-available nitrogen, SOM, and other important parameters. But besides these conditions, it’s very important to consider the full nitrogen cycle for the best practice of fertilizer application. In this insightful article in German, you can find a short overview of the general N cycle, including phases such as Ammonification, Nitrification, Denitrification, Mineralization, and Immobilization.
At Stenon, we are glad that with the help of our real-time soil analysis solution, agronomists and growers can obtain accurate soil data on demand and make data-driven decisions.

About Stenon

Since its founding in 2018, Stenon Gmbh, based in Potsdam, Germany, has become the global market leader in real-time digital soil data that is especially beneficial for agronomists. With its sensor- and cloud-based mobile measuring device FarmLab, Stenon provides agriculture businesses with essential data to make optimal and sustainable cultivation decisions, boost yield, crop quality and soil health while saving money on inputs.

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