Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – March 2024

In Europe, we are happy to welcome spring. This time is pivotal for strategizing and preparing, ensuring that when spring arrives, the fields are ready to foster bountiful crops. That’s why we believe it would be helpful to share some common methods and approaches to getting a field ready for planting. In this monthly article, we collected insightful tips for corn growers highlighting the importance of nitrogen application at every crop stage for fruitful yields and unveiled the process of Stenon’s calibration that assures our data accuracy. For the Brazilian region, which is currently undergoing its autumn season, we are excited to share our latest product update and newest video tutorials for getting started with FarmLab.

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Stenon’s latest version of N-calculator is now available for Brazilian users.

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of N-calculator tailored specifically for our esteemed Brazilian users. This update brings a host of new features aimed at enhancing your experience and optimising your agricultural practices. 

What’s New:

SOM Mineralization Integration: You’ve asked and we’ve delivered! After receiving the valuable feedback from expert agronomists, the Soil Organic Matter (SOM) mineralization has been added to our calculations.This new parameter enhances our users’ ability to more accurately estimate the available nitrogen in the soil. This enhancement ensures more reliable and accurate results for your agricultural endeavors.

Save Your Work: Never lose your progress again! With the ability to save your work, you can seamlessly pick up where you left off, ensuring continuity and efficiency in your workflow. This convenient feature eliminates the hassle of starting over and enables you. to focus more on analysis and decision-making

„Save“ button and „SOM mineralization integration“.

Efficiency Slider for Previous Fertilizations: Gain greater control over your calculations with the newly added efficiency slider for previous fertilizations. This feature empowers agronomists to fine-tune their assessments, leading to more tailored and effective fertilizer application strategies.

Efficiency slider for previous N-fertilization.

These features represent a significant advancement in our N-calculator tool, offering unparalleled functionality and usability to support your agricultural endeavors. For more information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team:

New product video tutorials for Stenon’s users in Brazil

New video tutorials cover all the main steps of getting started with the FarmLab.

It’s a bustling time for Lavoro’s customers in Parana! The growers of corn and beans now have the perfect opportunity to conduct soil analyses for plant-available nitrogen and soil organic matter to plan their fertilizer application. This is where stenon comes in to provide invaluable assistance.

Since February the Stenon team has been visiting growers in Parana to help them obtain real-time soil data and receive instant recommendations on fertilizer application, ensuring no precious time is wasted. We were thrilled to visit the growers‘ fields and perform measurements with our innovative FarmLab. We’re pleased to know that armed with essential soil data, farmers can apply fertilizer efficiently. There’s nothing better than seeing happy growers and knowing that our technology is helping agriculture businesses worldwide optimize inputs and maximize yields.

Getting started with FarmLab is easy, but to equip all our users in Brazil with a showcase of best practices for making measurements with FarmLab, we have released new product video tutorials. Watch the full video to start analyzing your customers‘ soils now.


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Unveiling the Stenon calibration process

Learn more about the details of Stenon’s calibration campaigns.

One of the questions we regularly receive is why Stenon’s solution is available only in certain regions. The reason for this is that before entering any new market, Stenon conducts a thorough calibration campaign. During this campaign, we manually collect thousands of soil samples and make measurements with the FarmLab. Samples are then sent to multiple local and German laboratories. Only after our data scientists analyze the results and guarantee that the data matches, are we ready to offer our solution in the new regions.

Our partners in Kazakhstan, Eurasia Group AG, joined our soil team during their calibration campaign and produced a great video report about the entire process. If you are curious to see how our calibration campaign is set up, watch the full video here. The video is in Russian, but English subtitles can be added in your settings.


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Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our Reading Tips we offer the overview of articles with advices for effective nitrogen application for corn depending on its cycle and importance of nitrogen sustainability across different Brazilian agriculture sectors.

In this edition of reading tips, we have collected some insightful material with tips for corn growers. For example, in this article (in the Russian language), you can find the abstract from Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie, who shares advice for effective nitrogen application for corn depending on its cycle. Depending on different stages, there are different needs for nitrogen uptake. On the one hand, one needs to consider the risk of nitrogen loss from leaching and denitrification, but the amount of plant-available nitrogen should also not be disregarded for effective fertilizing strategy. Ultimately, the more nitrogen your soil supplies, the less you should apply.

If you missed the window of opportunity, there are also some visual factors that can hint at the deficiency of nitrogen for corn production. In this German article, the authors share some of such cases.

Looking for a solution that can help you get soil nitrogen data at any given time? Contact us to learn more about our innovative real-time soil analysis solution.

Nitrogen pollution is one of Brazil’s most threatening and challenging environmental problems, caused mainly by productive activities aimed at meeting the demand for food, energy, and housing by a fast-growing population. This article focuses on the importance of nitrogen sustainability across different Brazilian agriculture sectors. The sustainability of nitrogen management depends on balancing the ‚benefits versus costs‘ situation of its use, that is, optimizing the beneficial effects and, at the same time, neutralizing or reducing the negative impacts of excess nitrogen on the environment and human health.

By obtaining actual data on plant-available nitrogen, growers and agronomists can directly increase the efficiency of their fertilizer application and reduce the impact on the environment. Contact us to learn more about how Stenon’s FarmLab helps drive sustainability.


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