Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – April 2024

April is a very important month for all regions, as it is planting time for many crops, and in some countries, such as Brazil, farmers are already preparing for harvest. In any case, the Stenon solution is relevant for all agricultural businesses, whether they are in Latin America, Central Europe, or Asia – being able to get real-time soil data is essential for every crop.

That’s why in this April blog post, we have prepared for you the news about our latest product update for users in Kazakhstan and Brazil, a new case study for Brazilian wheat growers, and as usual, a collection of insightful articles that can be especially interesting for corn producers.

Stay tuned and enjoy the read!

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Stenon’s latest version of high resolution nutrient maps is now available for the users in Brazil and Kazakhstan

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our WebApp: higher resolution nutrient maps! At Stenon, we are constantly striving to empower our users with tools that streamline their agricultural operations and this new feature is no exception.

With this release, our users in Kazakhstan and Brazil now have the ability to export detailed nutrient maps directly from our WebApp. What’s more, you can select individual nutrients, tailoring the maps to your specific needs and preferences. This functionality seamlessly complements our existing data export feature. For the users in Kazakhstan this release enables exporting nutrient maps as PNG or ZIP files in addition to the other supported export formats (CSV and Shapefile) that can be used for further analysis. For Brazilian users, the nutrient maps are also available on the N-Calculation PDF.

With our higher resolution nutrient maps, users can now obtain smoother and more precise maps for the internal reporting or for sharing with clients and partners. Whether you’re optimizing fertilization strategies or conducting research, this feature puts the power of high-quality nutrient mapping at your fingertips.

This release enhances the recommendations for N and SOM.

We understand the importance of having access to accurate and actionable data in today’s ever-evolving agricultural landscape. That’s why we’re committed to continuously innovating and improving our WebApp to meet the needs of our users.

Thank you for choosing Stenon as your trusted partner in agriculture. We can’t wait to see how you utilize this new feature to drive success on your farms.

New case study video for wheat growers in Brazil!

New case study video highlights the main benefits of FarmLab for wheat producers.

How can wheat growers save more than R$31,000 and improve their overall productivity? In this enlightening video, the Stenon team visited Lavoro specialist Robson Scheuermann in Marechal Cândido Rondon, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, where they discussed the successful experience of using Stenon’s real-time soil analysis device, FarmLab, for winter wheat. The farm has a wheat/soybean crop rotation and for precise fertilizer application, it is essential to have immediate access to accurate N data at any time during the crop cycle.

If investing in biological products didn’t seem affordable, with the savings achieved by saving on N fertilizers, this obstacle can be solved.

Watch the full video to find out more or contact us for more information.


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How can Stenon’s technology help agriculture businesses in Kazakhstan?

Stenon’s partner in Kazakhstan, Eurasia Group AG, offers a range of flexible terms for the FarmLab

Every region of the world has its own soil specifics, and we at Stenon are proud that with our technology, which is calibrated for each region, agribusinesses can get real-time soil data, optimize fertilizer input, and increase yields. Our partners in Kazakhstan, Eurasia Group AG, have made sure that the Stenon solution is available to Kazakhstan’s agrarians on the most flexible terms: whether it’s renting or purchasing equipment or ordering a soil measurement service with subsequent analytics, nutrition maps, and recommendations on fertilizer application rates.

Here is a summary of the main advantages of FarmLab:

✅Optimization of fertilizer input

✅Resources optimization

✅Improvement of soil health

✅Enhancement of yield quality

Contact us to book an individual consultation.

Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our Reading Tips we share tips for increasing efficiency for corn growers.

In this edition of our reading tips, we will focus mostly on corn production. This crop is cultivated in all regions where Stenon operates, and our customers, the corn growers, have already benefited greatly from using our technology in their operations. Considering the increase in corn production in Kazakhstan last yearthis article in Russian in combination with this blog post in English from Bayer about the peculiarities of corn nutrient element requirements can be especially interesting for corn farms in Kazakhstan. The article also covers recommendations for nitrogen uptake depending on the growth phase and shares the main factors for determining the need for fertilizers in corn cultivation:

✅Calculating the nutrient element removal by the planned crop.

✅Taking into account the content of nutrient elements in the soil.

✅Operational monitoring of the content of nutrient elements in plants that have high dynamics in the soil.

That is why for corn growers, it is very important to be equipped with a solution that can help them obtain real-time soil analysis for plant-available nitrogen and soil organic matter on demand, so they can ensure that the crop gets the required nutrients and guarantee high yield quality. Contact us to learn more about how Stenon’s technology can help you with that.

If we take a more detailed look at the other important parameters for efficient corn productionthis article in German provides a short but insightful overview. The ability to obtain instant results of soil analysis for various parameters makes Stenon’s solution unique for innovative farmers in the DACH market who embrace new technology to improve their yields and operations. Contact us to learn more about how Stenon technology can help your business.

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