Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – May 2024

Welcome to the May edition of Stenon News for Agriculture experts! As we delve into the heart of the agricultural season, we’re excited to explore the unique dynamics of May farming. In this article, we’ll unveil where you can learn about the transformative potential of digital agricultural platforms, share insights into nitrogen management and exciting news about our global partnerships.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to connect on World Agri-Tech South America Summit.

Stenon never misses the most important industry events, that’s why we will be participating in the upcoming World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo on June 18-19! World Agri-Tech summit is designed to encourage cross-country collaborations and partnerships. From biological inputs and soil health, geospatial traceability, automation and robotics, to carbon markets and agri-fintech, the program showcases the vast potential of the South American region to drive the global transition to sustainable and climate-smart farming practices.

Moreover, Stenon’s founder and CEO, Niels Grabbert, will be participating in the panel discussion, “Digital Agricultural Platforms: Getting Smart Farming Technologies into the Hands of Growers” at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo on June 18.

In this insightful panel, Niels will delve into the transformative potential of digital agricultural platforms, sharing his expertise on how smart farming technologies can revolutionize the agricultural industry. Attendees will gain valuable insights into:

Innovative Technologies: Discover cutting-edge solutions that can enhance productivity and sustainability in farming.

Real-world Applications: Learn about practical implementations and success stories from the field.

Future Trends: Get ahead of the curve by understanding upcoming trends and technologies in smart farming.

This panel is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation and technology.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders and peers, and to be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of agriculture.

New regions for Stenon’s operation!

Stenon’s partnership with Eurasia Group expands to the North Kyrgyzstan region.

We are excited to share that Stenon GmbH, a global leader in real-time digital soil data, is expanding its partnership with Eurasia Group AG to North Kyrgyzstan, following our successful collaboration in Kazakhstan. This strategic move brings our cutting-edge FarmLab technology to Kyrgyz farmers, providing instant, comprehensive soil analysis and nutrient recommendations. This will help farmers optimize fertilizer use, boost crop yields, and support sustainable farming practices.

This partnership is key to reducing operational costs and improving soil health through data-driven decisions. Starting in April 2024, this service reaffirms Stenon’s commitment to empowering agricultural businesses worldwide with innovative digital solutions. Read the full announcement here.

Special benefits for customers of Stenon’s partner in Paraná, Brazil

For all Lavoro Agro customers in Paraná is also available the service of soil measurements conducted by experienced Stenon team.

We have great news for all agricultural businesses in the state of Paraná in Brazil. As you know, in Paraná, our innovative solution is available as part of the services provided by our exclusive partner, Lavoro Agro. Lavoro is currently expanding its agronomical services capabilities to help customers adopt cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity, cost efficiency, and sustainability. That is why we are very proud to contribute to this effort. Stenon’s technology is not a simple soil analysis; it’s a complex agricultural solution that provides precise and real-time recommendations for improving the efficiency of N-fertilizer application and raising productivity by obtaining accurate data on soil organic matter. This is especially important in Brazil, as there are currently not many solutions to measure nitrogen and soil organic matter. You can learn more about our technology and the importance of these parameters from our study.

All agricultural businesses in Paraná that are working with Lavoro can now book the comprehensive recommendation service. This service includes measurements conducted by a qualified Stenon team and detailed agronomic advice from Lavoro specialists, based on real-time measured data.

Contact us to learn more about special deals for the Paraná region.

Agricultural news spanning the globe

In our Reading Tips we share tips for increasing efficiency and sustainability for wheat growers and useful information on Nitrogen surplus for German farmers.

Such an important topic as Nitrogen surplus is very actual for the farming community in Germany. Although there has been a positive trend in reducing nitrogen surplus in German agriculture, there is still a need to implement more sustainability in farming practices. Precise soil analysis is essential for sustainable farming, and this is where Stenon’s technology comes into play. Contact us to learn more about how our solution can help optimize nitrogen application inputs and improve overall sustainability.

This article from MDPI covers the importance of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in sustainable agriculture, particularly relevant to Kazakhstan’s agricultural practices. It highlights how optimizing nitrogen use can enhance crop productivity and reduce environmental impact, which is crucial for the region’s agricultural sustainability. With Stenon’s real-time soil analysis solution agriculture businesses in Kazakhstan and North Kyrgyzstan are now equipped with the technology to obtain nitrogen data in real-time and can now improve the overall efficiency of their operation.

Nitrogen plays a key role in wheat production. This article in Portuguese gives a short overview of the overall N-cycle, emphasizes the signs of nitrogen deficiency in the crop, and shares common recommendations regarding fertilizer application. The main advantage of Stenon’s solution is that growers don’t have to wait until they can visually observe nitrogen deficiency in the wheat. With the ability to conduct N-analysis in real-time and at any given moment, such situations can be simply avoided, and overall crop production will not be affected by nitrogen deficiency. Actionable insights are key in efficient agricultural business. If you are a wheat grower in Brazil, check out our case study video where we share how you can save up to BRL 30,000 with the help of Stenon’s technology.

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