Stenon News for Agriculture Experts – June 2024

June is the perfect time to be out in the fields. During your breaks, we invite you to explore our June edition, packed with the latest news and updates. We are thrilled to announce the release of the new version of the fertilization recommendation calculator, now available to all users in Kazakhstan and northern Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, we’ll share positive feedback from a customer in that region. In Brazil, in partnership with Lavoro Agro in Paraná, we conducted measurements across 40,000 hectares using FarmLab from February to the end of May. As always, we have compiled insightful articles on improving the efficiency of N-fertilizer application strategies in various regions.

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Stenon’s fertilization recommendation calculator, tailored specifically for the Central Asian region, is now live.

We are delighted to announce the latest product update for all our users in Kazakhstan and Northern Kyrgyzstan: Stenon’s fertilization recommendation calculator, tailored specifically for the Central Asian region, is now live.

With this release, our partners at Eurasia Group can now provide their customers with very accurate recommendations for fertilizer inputs, based on advanced agricultural practices specific to this region and generated in real-time.

Recommendations are given based on various inputs.

Key enhancements include:

Addition of 26 crops commonly farmed in the region.

✅ Customizable recommendations based on irrigation, tillage, nutrient availability, and crop utilization.

Extended parameter options for recommendation calculations.

Early users of the latest version of the fertilization recommendation calculator have already shared their positive feedback with us. For more information, please contact our customer support.

Customer’s feedback from Kazakhstan region!

Thanks to Stenon’s technology the customers of our partner Eurasia Group can now achieve better yield.

Customers‘ feedback is always highly valuable to us. We are constantly working on enhancing our technology to ensure it fully meets our clients‘ needs. We are especially pleased to share a short interview (available only in Russian language) with the Chief Engineer from a farm in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan, who achieved higher yields compared to the 2021-2022 period thanks to Stenon’s technology, exclusively represented in the region by our partner Eurasia Group.

Measurements were carried out on a cornfield, followed by a detailed fertilizer recommendation plan prepared by Eurasia Group experts. Additionally, the ability to obtain real-time soil moisture data revealed the need to adjust the irrigation plan for certain areas of the field. As a result, the targeted fertilizer application and irrigation plan based on real-time data helped achieve higher yields and save on fertilizer costs.

Stenon’s technology is not only highly valued by our customers, but we are also thrilled to share that the American Chamber of Commerce has awarded Eurasia Group the „Excellence in Innovation“ award. This time, the company applied for the nomination with Stenon’s solution, FarmLab, which is undoubtedly a real revolution in soil analysis.

We are very thankful for such high recognition. If you are interested in learning more about our technology and best practices in Kazakhstan and North Kyrgyzstan, please contact us for more information.

New achievement unlocked in Brazil!

40,000 hectares of more than 700 fields were analyzed with Stenon’s technology in the state of Paraná.

Another important achievement unlocked! We are thrilled to share that 40,000 hectares of more than 700 fields were analyzed with Stenon’s technology in the state of Paraná, Brazil from the period from February till end of May! Stenon’s solution was in very high demand and we were happy to help local farmers improve their overall yield production and receive accurate fertilizer recommendations promptly. Conducting measurements with FarmLab is fast and easy; all results are immediately available in Stenon’s web application. Therefore, on the same day, with just a few clicks, Lavoro consultants can share with their customers a detailed fertilizer recommendation plan tailored specifically to their fields: actual parameters, yield targets, and various efficiency factors that vary according to field and weather conditions.

Don’t hesitate to start optimizing your agriculture operations. Contact us to learn more about how Stenon’s innovative solution for precise fertilizer recommendations can help your business reduce input costs and improve yields.

Agricultural news spanning the globe.

In this collection of the reading tips we have gathered insightful articles on optimization of nitrogen uptake for German, Brazilian and Kazakh markets.

Understanding nitrogen levels is crucial for optimizing corn cultivation due to its complex soil dynamics and significant loss through leaching. Effective management involves splitting nitrogen applications to match plant demands, especially before flowering. Tips, mentioned in this article in Portuguese, include adjusting doses based on soil type, using reduced spacing for better nutrient absorption, and information on soil organic matter for maximum yield.

That is why in Stenon’s N-fertilizer recommendations calculator developed for Brazilian users, besides soil data of plant-available nitrogen, we have also included other important parameters like soil organic matter.

The article „Zwölf Tipps für effizienteres Düngen“ on Praxis-Agrar provides twelve strategies to enhance fertilizer efficiency, focusing on reducing nitrogen loss and adhering to regulations. Key outtakes include quick incorporation of organic fertilizers, strip application of liquid manure, using underfoot fertilization, precise nutrient content analysis, ensuring even distribution of mineral fertilizers, using nitrogen stabilizers, and adjusting the timing of fertilization based on crop development. We are very glad that with Stenon’s real-time soil analysis solution farmers can enhance their fertilizer efficiency through getting access to the real-time soil data and being able to fertilize on a targeted basis.

Contact us to for more information.

For the Kazakh farmers interested in learning recommendations for efficient fertilizer application, this article in Russian unveils some useful insights. For example, it’s emphasized that the available nitrogen in the soil in spring and the nitrogen replenished from soil organic matter mineralization are crucial for determining the crops‘ additional nitrogen fertilizer needs. Moreover, the effective uptake of nitrogen by crops is influenced by conditions like soil moisture, pH, availability of macro- and micronutrients, and soil structure, with a key focus on the yield increase that justifies the cost of the fertilizers.

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